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We the undersigned architects and members, fellows, honorary and past members of the American Institute of Architects would like the AIA and its publication Architect to more accurately represent the diversity and breadth of work by the members of the AIA.

There are many ways to design good buildings and places. AIA publications and awards should include them all, celebrating the pluralism and diversity of its membership, their clients, and their communities.

This petition was originally written for members of the American Institute of Architects. However, a significant number of registered architects who have never joined the AIA requested that the petition be amended to specifically include them.

Please read the instructions on the site for signing the petition and indicate if you are AIA, FAIA, Honorary AIA, former AIA, or a registered architect who has never been an AIA member. Some signers have also indicated that they are past Presidents of AIA chapters, while other signers include professors in architecture programs and three past or present Deans.

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